Employee Retention – Love ‘em or Lose ‘em

A recent Express Personnel survey finds 83 of employers find it somewhat or very difficult to fill vacancies; this underscores the tight labor market and the importance of retaining employees, especially top performers, as a vital strategy to deal with workforce shortages.

This survey reports that employees value employment with employers who offer:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Work life balance
  • Fair and competitive compensation
  • Individualized benefits and flexible workplace practices

A separate survey of the Washington D.C. area workforce, where Amazon will hire thousands of talented locals for its new HQ2, has put area employers on high alert:

  • 51% of workers would consider applying to work at HQ2
  • 71% of IT workers would consider applying to work at HQ2

Eagle Hill Consulting offers these questions for employers everywhere to evaluate the workplace experience they offer employees in hopes of boosting retention:

  • What makes employees happy in their jobs?
  • What can we do to help employees juggle their work and personal obligations?
  • How are stress levels in the workplace and can we reduce them?
  • Do we have a culture that empowers our workforce?
  • Do employees feel fairly compensated?

Taken together, the message to employers in a tight job market is clear: love your employees, or lose them!

Contact Employers Council today for these resources and services to improve employee retention:

  • Benchmarking compensation, benefits and time off survey data
  • Customized compensation planning assistance
  • Training and coaching to improve supervisor effectiveness
  • Teamwork and soft skill building classes for all staff levels
  • Best practice guidance and consultation from Organizational Development professionals
  • Customized employee engagement survey creation and analysis