EEO-1 Reporting and the Government Shutdown

With the partial federal government shutdown expected to continue into its second month, employers looking to interact with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) may have noticed that the agency’s web portals are not active. This raises questions about the filing of EEO-1 reports. The current expectation remains that the EEO-1 reporting portal will open at the end of January; however, given the partial government shutdown, this timeframe may well be extended.

In previous years, looking to 2017 reporting in 2018, the portal for EEO-1 reporting opened on January 24 with a filing deadline of March 30, 2018. For 2017 reporting, the timeframe for reporting was extended until June 1, 2018 via an announcement in late April 2018. It was not announced at the time why the timeframe was extended.

Experts anticipate that the EEO-1 reporting portal’s opening will be delayed beyond the end of January if the partial government shutdown continues. Even if the portal opens “on time,” reporting timeframes may well be extended as they were last year.

For employers looking to get a head start on reporting despite the shutdown, these organizations may wish to gather their fourth quarter 2018 data in preparation to file the EEO-1 report on short notice. For more information or assistance on EEO-1 reporting, please contact Employers Council’s Affirmative Action Planning Services group at