Survey News – February 2019

Surveys Now Available

Results of the 2018 Paid Time Off Policies Survey are now available. There were 44 participants in Arizona, 502 in Colorado, 90 in Utah, and 42 in Wyoming.  The 2018 edition of the report includes detailed information on topics such as holidays, unlimited paid time off, vacations, PTO plans, uninsured sick leave, FMLA, workers’ compensation, jury duty, and more.


There are two separate 2018 Paid Time Off Policies Survey geographic reports.  One report includes data for Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming participants and a second report is Utah participant data. Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming data are posted on the Survey Results page of our website at You will need your website password to access this information.

 Notice of Surveys Being Conducted

2019 HR Metrics Survey – Arizona, Colorado, Utah & Wyoming

We are currently collecting data for The HR Metrics Survey. The online questionnaire invitation for the survey has been sent to organizations via email with their unique survey link. This survey will provide data for topics such as 2018 turnover, job absence rates, cost of benefits, and executive benefits.

2019 Benchmark Compensation Survey – Arizona, Colorado, Utah & Wyoming

The questionnaire for the 2019 Benchmark Compensation Survey for Arizona, Colorado, Utah & Wyoming employers was mailed out in early January. This survey includes positions that cross all industries in the following job families: general support, financial, human resources, legal, sales/marketing, engineering, production, procurement, as well as information technology, and executive jobs.   Emails were also sent with a link to participate via the online collection tool.  The general information collects data for 2019 Pay Increase projections, HR staff ratio, as well as entry-level pay for a variety of positions, as well as several new jobs added to the wage and salary data.

2019 Public Employers Survey

This survey collects compensation data for jobs in a variety of public sector organizations such as Cities/Counties/States, Libraries, Fire, Utilities, and Parks and Recreation organizations. There are ten new positions added to the survey this year. In addition to collecting base salary and formal range structures (minimums/maximums), this survey also collects step pay range information for police and fire positions.

Want to participate in any of these surveys?

Participants can contact the Surveys department at 303.2235490 (toll free 800.884.1328) or to request your unique survey link.  There are also copies available on our website at As always, it is the participation of our members that help make Employers Council surveys the number one data source for the region. Thank you!