Why Free Surveys May Not Be Effective

There are a variety of different tools out there to survey your employees about anything you would like to know from them but it depends on a variety of different factors of what method/tool you should be using. If you are asking employees about potentially sensitive information such as how they feel about their supervisor or compensation, you may want to consider outsourcing the survey to another organization to help their concerns about confidentiality.

Using a third-party administrator for certain types of surveys can be beneficial by adding another layer between your organization and the employee’s responses to help ease employee’s minds about being honest with their comments and ratings. Also, the third party administrator might have data to compare your organizations results to in order to have an idea of where your organization compares in respect to other organizations either in the same industry, geographical location, etc. An organization who regularly conducts surveys concerning specific topics will also have questions for you to choose from, which will reduce the administrative burden of developing your own questions and making sure that they are psychometrically sound as well as conducting the survey itself, compiling the results, providing context to the results to provide perspective, and potential resources to help you determine what comes next after you receive the results.

If you are just wanting to send out a quick survey to determine what kind of food should be catered at the next meeting or what options the employees would like included the in wellness program, a free survey tool would serve the purpose and provide the information that you are looking for at no cost as well as in an effective way. There are other times when other considerations should be made in order to make sure that you are receiving actionable, honest, and confidential information from your employees.