The Employment Law Update in 2019

We’re very excited to announce the 2019 Employment Law Update! This program covers the most significant employment law developments of the year by stripping away the legalese and providing you with practical, timely, and critical advice to minimize employment law liability. Each year, the agenda is carefully selected by Employers Council’s expert employment and labor law attorneys who are in a unique position to recognize important events and developing trends in employment law. Here’s what you can look forward to at this year’s ELU:

Case, Legislative, and Regulatory Update

The federal government may have been quiet last year, but that doesn’t mean employers can rest easy. The state legislatures and the courts have been as active as ever, and much of their focus has been on workplace practices. This session will provide an overview of the most important new laws, cases, and legal trends affecting employers.

Wage and Hour Law in 2019

Employment experts anticipate that 2019 will be a big year for wage and hour law. The federal government has indicated interest in modifying regulations on several topics, including overtime calculations and employee exemptions. State and local governments have become more involved in pay issues, and have set up an extensive overlay of rules that make it difficult for employers to stay compliant. This session will help employers keep up with the trends and navigate the increasingly complex world of employee pay.

When Employees’ Protected Statuses Compete – Does Anyone Win?

Employees’ protected statuses occasionally create conflicting obligations that leave employers in seemingly impossible situations. This unique presentation will focus on what organizations can and should do to manage circumstances when workers’ rights appear to collide.

Epic Fallout: Arbitration Agreements, Class Action Waivers, and Confidential Settlements after #metoo

In the last year, employers recognized significant clarification of the tools they have available to handle legal disputes with employees and ex-employees. The U.S. Supreme Court issued decisions regarding whether and when class action waivers are permissible, and Congress imposed new disadvantages to employers who wish to keep certain settlements confidential. This session will discuss these developments in detail and the impact they have on how employers handle disputes with workers.

Ineffective Workplace Communication: A Gateway to Litigation?

While legal compliance remains critical, many employee concerns initially arise in the arena of communication. Far from violations of law, violations of trust or respect are often the root cause of workplace frustrations. This session will raise awareness around some of the biases, conflict escalators, and group dynamics that lead to employee complaints and review how employers can create healthier workplaces, and reduce legal challenges.

Data Privacy and Cyber Security for Employers

As more and more employee personal data is stored electronically, state and federal legislatures have become increasingly interested in ensuring that this data is protected from unauthorized disclosure. This timely presentation will discuss legal trends in data privacy and cyber security and what they mean for your workforce.

Managing Medical Leaves of Absence

When responding to employee requests for time off for medical conditions, an employer’s policies and practices may collide with complex federal, state, and local laws.

This presentation reviews solutions for employers to consider in implementing a medical leave framework that complies with all legal obligations, while meeting the employer’s business needs, and providing a positive experience for employees. Other items to be discussed include unlimited paid time off arrangements, as well as maternity and paternity leave, in the context of new legislative trends spanning the country.

Attending the annual Employment Law Update is a beneficial, cost effective way to earn CEU or CLE credits, to network with colleagues, and to connect with your Employers Council representative over coffee or lunch. We hope you join us! /