Workplace Turmoil – Five Action Steps

A slew of recent surveys describe turmoil in today’s workplace:

  • Workers are stressed by broken/ fragmented workplace communications
  • Millennials, the largest workforce population, are difficult to engage
  • Job happiness is enjoyed by 85% of workers, yet 30% have considered quitting
  • Employers are struggling to balance new tech with workforce expectations
  • Leaders must build new skill competencies to lead effectively

Relying too heavily on such surveys can be misleading; the quality of such data can be suspect and are not always based on sound scientific research. In addition, these surveys do not reflect every workplace in every community. So a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted. From the sheer volume and consistent messaging of various surveys sources, it can be gleaned that employers are faced with a multitude of workforce challenges. If these findings resonate with you and your employees, it is time to take action with these five steps:

  • Listen: Actively listen to what employees are saying to each other and the overall tone of workplace communications. Discuss observations with leadership and management.
  • Measure: Take the pulse of employees by asking them about job satisfaction, culture and communications. Electronic surveys are the most efficient and successful method of such data collection, but not the sole source. Calculate turnover, retention and recruiting pipeline.
  • Evaluate: Gather data from all sources possible (surveys, discussions, meetings, etc.) and evaluate; identify common threads of concern and develop action plans to improve.
  • Act: Partner with leaders and managers to secure widespread support and ensure successful implementation.
  • Adjust: Have implemented action items created the desired results: reduced turnover, improved recruiting outcomes, higher engagement, improved financial results and/ or goal attainment? Adjust plans as necessary and continue the cycle.

At every stage of this process, seek help to move the needle.

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