SSA No-Match Letters Require BSO Website Registration to Resolve Mismatches

In March, the Social Security Administration (SSA) revived its practice of sending “no-match” letters to employers informing them which employee’s W-2 information does not match SSA information. One significant change to these revived no-match letters is that employers must register and log into the SSA’s Business Services Online (BSO) website to access the employee information. A list of employees whose W-2 information does not match SSA’s information is no longer included on the no-match letters that are mailed to employers.

Registration with the Business Services Online (BSO) website requires that the registrant provide personal identifiable information, including their full name and Social Security number. Many employees of member companies have expressed concern over this requirement. Employers Council reached out to the SSA to ask if it is possible for an employer to register with the BSO website without providing a Social Security number. It is not. The SSA explained that a Social Security number is required because the BSO account must be associated with an individual person. Employers Council is recommending to members that the company decides collectively whose personal identifiable information should be provided as the main contact for the BSO website account. The BSO website can be found here. A video of the registration process can be found here.

We encourage you to reach out to Employers Council with any questions about the SSA’s no-match letters.