Measure and Maximize Performance

Employees are your number-one asset. Developing their careers and supporting their growth is already one of your priorities. As a member of Employers Council, you have access to tools and guidance when measuring employee performance, maximizing success, and increasing productivity.

Our HR and organizational development professionals and industrial psychologists are here to help your team assess and improve the performance of individual employees, teams, or your entire organizational workforce.

As part of your membership, you have access to

  • 360 Multi-Source Multi-Rater advice
  • Employee engagement/opinion survey advice
  • Employment/selection tests and assessments consultation
  • Performance appraisal review and consultation
  • Performance appraisal samples
  • Performance management consulting
  • Performance research
  • Strategic plan advice
  • Succession planning guidance

Employers Council understands how important performance goals are to your company’s culture, not to mention key engagement and retention metrics. Join us for a free Employer Insights session to learn more about how and why culture affects performance.

Free Sessions!

Employer Insights to Measure & Maximize Performance: Culture Drives Performance

Why are some employers far more effective at achieving key performance factors than others? Research indicates culture is the differentiator. This session identifies and presents the elements for success and discusses the surprising challenges to transition to a more effective culture.

This Employer Insights session will be offered at the following locations/times.

  • At our Denver office on June 13 at 11:30am
  • Via webinar on November 7 at 10am (MST)
  • At our Loveland office on November 13 at 8am
  • At our Scottsdale office on November 19 at 11:30am

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