Deadline Approaches for Utah Employers to Submit Information

In 2018, the Utah Legislature passed Senate Bills 28 and 29, which are codified in Section 67-1a-15 of the Utah Code. This statute requires that all Limited Purpose entities and Local Government entities submit certain information using the online registration tool by June 30, 2019. Examples of entities to whom this new requirement applies include the following:

  • Special Service Districts;
  • Conservation Districts;
  • Independent Entities;
  • Governmental Nonprofit Corporations;
  • Local Districts;
  • Nonprofit corporations that receive an amount of money requiring an account report under Section 51-2a-201.5;
  • Counties; and
  • Municipalities.

A comprehensive list of the entities that need to comply with these requirements is located in the statute. Detailed instructions for how to register an entity, and what information is required, are available online. In addition, you may contact the Lt. Governor’s office by emailing or calling (801) 538-1041.