Member Profile: LeaseRunner

LeaseRunner is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that serves landlords, real estate agents, and property managers throughout the U.S., providing rental property listings, tenant screening, e-signature lease agreements, and online rent payment collection. Recently, LeaseRunner beat out nine other online tenant-screening services to be named “most flexible tool for landlords” by Fit Small Business.

Most landlords own one to ten properties, and managing properties is not their primary occupation. LeaseRunner serves its customers by providing an easy-to-use, web-based platform that is accessible via computer, tablet, or mobile device. LeaseRunner includes a-la-carte pricing, so landlords only pay for the services they use.

Landlords can mix and match their tenant-screening package based on their priorities, market demand, or budget. Landlords can choose from four tenant-screening reports: credit report, criminal report, eviction report, or financial profile, which graphically displays 90 days of banking history.

The heart of LeaseRunner is its document library and electronic signature engine. LeaseRunner offers lease templates for all 50 states and select counties and cities. “This is where we provide the most value to the occasional landlord,” says Joe Buczkowski, LeaseRunner’s founder and CEO. “We update our lease templates annually based on the changes in each state’s laws.”

Online rent payments have become a “must have” for many tenants, and LeaseRunner provides a quick, dependable ACH service that is easy to use. Living busy lifestyles, it  is easy for tenants to forget that the rent is due. With automatic payments available on any day of the month, LeaseRunner helps tenants avoid those late-payment fees.

As a small business, LeaseRunner has used its Employer’s Council membership in a number of areas: surveys, FYIs, job descriptions, sample documents, employee training, pre-employment screening, and email newsletters. “Employer’s Council is a wonderful resource for our company,” says Michelle Buczkowski, LeaseRunner’s Human Resources

Manager. “While the internet has unlimited information, it does not always have accurate information. We trust what we learn from Employer’s Council materials and staff. Hiring the right employees and retaining them is very important to us. Employer’s Council has helped us continue to be successful.”

Thank you LeaseRunner for being an Employers Council member!