Five Tips for Employee Satisfaction

A recent survey from The Conference Board finds job satisfaction at 54 percent – its highest levels in over 20 years. Good news for employers; however, the survey also finds employees more willing than ever to jump ship when growth opportunities seem brighter at another employer.

What can employers do to both boost employee satisfaction and retain them on the job?

The survey offers these five tips for all employers:

  1. Implement or enhance a career development program to demonstrate growth potential to employees.
    • Employees are dissatisfied with future growth opportunities in their current job; competitors who effectively communicate advancement opportunities at their workplace are very attractive.
  2. Consider the transparency of communication channels and determine whether to make improvements.
    • Open communication about organizational operations and opportunities may engage employees at a deeper level and support retention.
  3. Create or enhance an employee recognition program.
    • Meaningful recognition for a job well done is valued by employees and may deepen their commitment to a workplace culture.
  4. Ask employees whether they are inspired by their performance reviews and, if they aren’t, ask what would inspire them.
    • Employees want to know what is expected of them in order to perform at higher levels and advance in their careers.
  5. Monitor and decrease employee workload when necessary to foster improved work/life balance.
    • Overwhelming workloads crush employee satisfaction and encourage early exits.

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