Member Profile – Specialized Services Company

Specialized Services Company (SSC Underground) is a family-owned and operated company celebrating their 50th year in business. Since 1969, they have been hard at work building Arizona’s underground, earning a reputation for exceptional quality through consistent excellence on every job. As a result, SSC Underground has grown to become the leading trenchless technology and vacuum excavating company in the state.

SSC’s mission is “To be the leader in underground construction, provide meaningful employment, and promote positive community impact.” To the leaders of SSC, success is not defined only by revenue and profit, but by the positive impact they can make in the lives of their employees and the community. They believe that by empowering their employees to embrace the company value of Commitment to Excellence, the investment made in developing employees to be all that they can be will pay off in projects that are constructed safely, on time, and exceeding customer expectations–which will ultimately drive business success.

SSC Underground’s broadening focus on the Design, Locate, and Build aspects of underground projects is providing opportunity for their team to be involved in multiple phases of projects. Doing this has allowed their impact in the construction market to grow, and they plan to continue to extend their reach through strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

SSC Underground strives to be more than just a place to work and instead wants to create careers for their employees. Training programs have long been a goal for SSC and in partnership with Employers Council, they have been created and deployed. SSC’s field leadership team meets monthly with their Employers Council trainer and an internal training leader to learn skills such as motivating crews, giving constructive criticism, dealing with conflict in a positive manner, and effective training methods. By coupling this “soft skill” training with the technical training programs that are in place, SSC hopes to equip their employees to be their very best.

SSC hopes that by investing in their employees, they not only realize a benefit but also benefit the construction industry as a whole. By demonstrating that construction can be a positive career choice, SSC hopes to help the industry attract a new generation of workforce. SSC is so committed to this that they are financial supporters and steering committee members of Build Your Future AZ. SSC also supports other industry initiatives, including the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention, that are working to make the industry a safer and better place for people to work.

Through their membership with Employers Council, SSC is able to stay on top of best practices for employment and keep ahead of the curve when it comes to being an employer of choice, in addition to the great training opportunities it opens up for their employees.

Thank you, SSC for being a valued member of Employers Council. If you are interested in having your organization highlighted, contact Ashley Jones at