Pay Equity – Let us Help

The Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, effective January 21, 2021, cannot be ignored. Colorado is now one of 12 states with statewide pay-equity laws, and that number is likely to grow. If this law applies to you, you will want to begin complying now to avoid lawsuits that could hit Colorado employers’ desks on January of 2021. Are you wondering how to get help with pay equity? Remember that Employers Council helps employers in the following ways:

Pay Equity Analysis: The Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act allows employers to establish that they had a good-faith reason to believe they were in compliance with the law and should thus not be subject to damages. Employers accomplish this through a pay-equity analysis, a service Employers Council is able to provide to its members at a deep discount over market.

Information: Employers Council maintains links to all relevant employment laws, so you can find them quickly without having to resort to Google and wading through versions that may or may not be current. Employers Council also maintains a summary of the laws in plain English, plus all necessary postings and forms.

Training: Employers Council offers classroom instruction on all relevant employment laws, including the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act. Participants will leave armed with the knowledge needed to comply with all aspects of this new law.

Development: Complying with pay equity laws, especially the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, represents a cultural shift that may bring consternation to managers and leaders in your organization. Our ODL group can get to the heart of any pain points your teams are experiencing and help guide them to a clear path forward.

Job Descriptions: Employers aspire to keep up-to-date job descriptions, and this will need to be something that actually takes place in Colorado because it is legally required. Our website can help you meet this important standard. Not only do we have a tool to help you write the job descriptions, but the tool can also help you put the jobs into job families.

Employment Law Defense: Our skilled attorneys will find the best way to resolve legal complaints made against you by an employee, whether that involves settling a claim or contesting it through the administrative process.

Compensation Planning: To make certain that jobs with similar knowledge, skills, and abilities are paid a similar amount, a compensation plan is essential. Not only do we have HR professionals who can help you lay out a compensation plan for your organization, but we can step in and provide the heavy lifting of putting together a plan, consulting with you to help you determine what is right for your organization.

Don’t go it alone. Leverage your membership and let the law work for you, not against you.