Recruiting: Why Old School is Sometimes Best

HR professionals read items online on nearly a daily basis that discuss the use of technology and even artificial intelligence (AI) in recruiting. It is true that technology and AI are well-established in recruiting. Still, a recent survey reported on the Undercover Recruiter website speaks to the power of referrals. Referrals come on board more quickly and have greater job satisfaction on average.

Incorporate referrals into your recruiting strategy by using these simple tips:

  • Create a positive culture for employees to stimulate referrals: Employees who like where they work talk about how they feel, and that alone can generate referrals.
  • Ask for referrals at all levels of the organization: While sales is where the majority of referrals happen, check in with employees in any position when you are looking for candidates for that open position.
  • Consider a formal referral program that rewards employees for successful referrals: Outlining a referral program, including incentives for successful referrals, can help employees understand how to use that program.

While we all need to incorporate technology into our recruiting process, we should not forget the power of the personal connection through referrals.