Introducing the On-Demand Salary Tool – A New Online Compensation Tool!

Employers Council is pleased to announce anew compensation tool available to members called On-Demand Salary Tool. This is a powerful online salary data tool to give members direct access to Employers Council’s most popular survey data. With just a few clicks the On-Demand Salary Tool will provide you with the data you need, for the job you need, in the location and industry you need. Authorized individuals within member organizations that have access to survey information will be able to access this 24/7 online tool for select surveys through the Surveys section of the Employers Council’s website.

We have made the On-Demand Salary Tool available for three of Employers Council’s
surveys in 2019:

  • Benchmark Compensation: Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming
  • Benchmark Compensation Survey: Utah
  •  Information Technology Compensation Survey: Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming

The On-Demand Salary Tool allows users to select compensation data that are meaningful
to their organization. Below are the data sort options available through the On-Demand Salary Tool:

Single Cut: Single selections may be made within the available demographic cuts;
i.e., Geographic Location.

Multi-Cut: Multiple selections may be made within the available demographic cuts. For
example, select a Geographic Location of Denver and Employment Size of 50-99 employees.

Quick Look Up: Like the Single Cut except the Job selector becomes dynamic and will aid in
finding the desired job(s). After locating a specific job you will then run a report using the
Single-Cut or Multi-Cut feature.

Search Jobs: Provides another method for finding a particular job in the survey (next to
the “Job” selector).

Job Family: Allows you to select jobs from one Survey Job Family.

Once you run the report you need you have many export options to get the data in a format that works for you such as PDF, Excel, etc. The interactive On-Demand Salary Tool is available free to Employers Council members who participate in the survey as our thank you for participation. Members who do not participate in the survey may purchase access to the On-Demand Salary Tool for $250 per survey. It is also included in survey purchase by Utah Grandfathered members.