Managers: The Best Investment for 2020

In many labor markets, unemployment is low and competition for skilled workers is fierce. Under these conditions, employers who successfully retain and engage employees are less likely to waste resources due to high turnover, and more likely to succeed at achieving their goals. So what single workplace factor should be targeted to improve organizational performance?


According to these two recent research analyses, Managers make or break the employee experience:

  • Gallup: 70% of team engagement variance is related to the managers of those teams
  • SHRM: 60% of employees leave their employers due to their immediate managers

The conclusion is clear: an investment to improve the skills of managers is most likely to have a high ROI in terms of boosting organizational effectiveness.

Members who wish to invest in their managers have a variety of interventions to consider.


The Complete Supervisor Program

  • Newly-promoted supervisors often lack the knowledge and depth of management skills necessary to quickly ramp up success.
  • This week-long development program provides essential core competencies to jumpstart the effectiveness of your managers

Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations for Managers and Supervisors

  • Strong communication skills are essential to a manager’s effectiveness, especially in situations where the employer is at high risk exposure such as situations with employee performance management, discipline and termination.
  • This session incorporates research-based curricula and instruments to measure and improve communication skills

360 Feedback: Skillscope for Supervisors and Managers

  • This research-based instrument provides feedback from the manager’s boss, peers, direct reports and others. Participants receive guidance on how to use the feedback to improve their performance.


  • Interactive coaching helps managers achieve long term excellence, with a customized development plan and regular meetings with a certified coach to review progress toward goals, extract lessons learned and make adjustments that increase the likelihood for success.

Team Building

  • High levels of trust between employees fosters a healthier and happier workplace; Employers Council facilitates team building to create higher-performing teams.

Library Books

  • A wide array of titles available for check-out, including: It’s The Manager, Clifton; The Coaching Habit, Stanier; Everybody Matters, Chapman.

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