Five Takeaways from the HR Tech Conference Las Vegas 2019

Employers Council recently attended the Human Resource Executive HR Technology Conference & Exposition. Artificial intelligence and how it will affect the workforce was a major topic. Choosing HR tech was another. Below are 5 takeaways from the conference.

  1. Many HR tech companies are more tech than HR. When you are vetting a company, be sure to ask about their understanding of HR and the employee life cycle. It’s important that they not only have a good tech product, but a good HR product as well.
  2. Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage. While recruiting and talent acquisition groups have been using AI for several years, it is starting to move into performance management, learning systems, etc.
  3. AI is not the magic wand we think it is. AI, or machine learning, is only as good as the data we give it. If our data is wrong or inherently biased, the AI recommendations and analysis will be wrong or biased too.
  4. New technologies will not eliminate jobs from the workforce, but will change the nature of many existing jobs. For example, recruiters will move towards project and client management and away from sourcing and screening. It is important that employers understand how the blended machine/human workforce will need to work together, and train employees accordingly.
  5. Don’t stop talking to your employees. Just because tech makes it easier to text or email, and even provide pre-written phrases doesn’t mean you should only use those. There is nothing that is better than listening and conversing face-to-face.

Technology isn’t going away, and the way we practice HR is already shifting. It’s important that we, as practitioners, start to pay attention and act accordingly