Five Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid at Work

​1. An inappropriate costume that makes you cringe with embarrassment when you wake up early in the first hours of November 1st. You are still at work, and you do want to have folks think of you in a professional manner. It’s okay to have fun and wear something a little crazy, but leave that racy costume for a non-work party.

2. The costume that you secretly know is meant to mock your boss, or a co-worker. It’s amazing how transparent we are when we believe we are being so clever. If you are trying to make fun of someone, it’s amazing how quickly so many co-workers will pick up on it. Don’t let the after effects of the party be scarier than the costumes themselves.

3. That outfit that fit so well . . . when you graduated from high school. Make sure your costume fits well. You will be so much more comfortable at the celebration.

4. A very complicated costume, that you can’t get out of easily. You never know if you might need to change quickly if a business situation arises. It’s best to wear something that is easy to get on and off at work.

5. A costume that is too scary for others – even if most will tolerate it. Maybe avoiding that creepy clown costume is a better choice. The new Joker movie has a reputation for being chilling – some may not want to see a Joker in the workplace.

Remember to have fun, enjoy socializing with your co-workers, and have a great day!