Are You Ready to Take Your HR Career to the Next Level?

The future of HR is strategic. More and more companies want HR to move from a place of being personnel officers to being an integral part of strategic and business plan­ning. Instead of being the compliance police and tactical operators, we are now significant drivers of business in the organization. Workforce planning, change and proj­ect management, and financial and business acumen are all important tools in our HR toolbox.

Employers Council’s Human Resources Business Partner Program (HRBP) is targeted to HR and other employee relations professionals who want to be strategic in their work. The HRPB program focuses on creating value for both participants and their organizations through learning focused on strategic HR, business acumen, and business alignment, and application through a real-time project. The program also includes individual development coaching sessions and a learning cohort environment. Organizations gain a business-fo­cused professional who understands aligning human capital with business strategy to get results.

The program is a three-month commitment that includes classroom learning and self-di­rected study. The program kicks off March 31, 2020, and finishes with a capstone June 25, 2020. Participation is limited to 20 in order to keep the cohort model whole. Tuition for the program for Employers Council members is $2,400. Non-member tuition is $2,900. Tuition includes all materials, all classroom modules, two one-on-one professional devel­opment coaching sessions, and project coaching. HRBP is currently offered in our Denver office. For more information, or to apply, you can email