Employers Council Membership and Your Total Rewards System

Leverage the tools and resources included in your Employers Council membership to plan and design your total rewards system. Make the most of your membership by connecting with us for strate­gic advice and design guidance on your overall compensation plan. There are a variety of ways to make those connections; read on to learn more.

Human Resource Services

Consult with certified HR professionals on the best approach for your organization. Vaca­tion or PTO? Why does it matter? Should you offer the standard array of benefits or get creative with things like pet insurance and student loan forgiveness? Our HR pros have a depth of experience for you to draw upon for guidance.

Employment Law Services

Is unlimited vacation more legally defensible than unlimited PTO? Do I have to offer unpaid leave to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act? Are there legal issues associated with establishing a leave bank? No matter your legal question, our experienced Employ­ment Law attorneys will offer sound advice.

Compensation Survey Data

What benefits and leave programs are other employers in your industry offering? Do you want to lead your competitors with benefits, trail them but offer more compensation, or come in somewhere in the middle? Take a look at our survey data online and connect with our Survey specialists to help interpret the data. Utah grandfathered members can purchase survey results from Surveys@EmployersCouncil.org.


Begin by visiting our website to plot your course of action through our compensation and benefits white papers, our Employee Handbook Planning Guide, and our articles on state-specific leave requirements and emerging trends, such as unlimited PTO or vacation. Check out our sample forms and policies, and visit partner resources such as CCH Answers Now for even more in-depth articles and state-by-state resources.

When you have questions about benefits and leave, contact Employers Council first. Contact your member representative or call 800.884.1328.