Colorado Employees Afforded Greater Protection Under Proposed Rule

Earlier this year, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Division of Labor Standards and Statistics held hearings on Colorado’s Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Order. Yesterday it published a proposed rule that would include nearly all Colorado industries. In the past, the wage order only covered a limited number of industries.

The change would mean that most employers with employees in Colorado would need to provide breaks and meal periods, along with paying overtime after 12 hours in a day. Additionally, this proposed rule would increase the salary basis for exempt employees to $42,500 next year. This amount will be adjusted by $3,000 a year until it reaches $57,500 in 2026. After that, the amount would be adjusted based on the area consumer price index.

Employers have until December 31, 2019, to comment on the proposed order, and a public hearing will be held at 3 p.m. Dec. 16 to discuss it. Click here for more information about the proposed order.