Study Shows Temporary Workforce is Growing

Are you part of an organization looking to hire fresh, new talent? Bringing on temporary workers may be the way to go, both now and in the foreseeable future.

A recent study by TrueBlue and Emsi shows that temp work will grow to 3.2 million jobs in this country by the year 2025, an 8.5 percent increase over this year, compared to just six percent growth in all U.S. jobs over that same period.

Why is there an increase in workers who desire temporary employment in place of more traditional workplace positions? One reason is the youngest demographic of workers rapidly entering the workforce, often referred to as Generation Z. Gen Z, comprised of teenagers up to college graduate age, readily see their Gen Y counterparts struggling to pay off student loan debts and are often avoiding that same path by obtaining certifications, licensures, or some other type of less formal education that will allow them to ply a trade or similar occupation that lends itself more readily to temporary work. In turn, they can jump-start their careers more quickly and give them more financial flexibility to build the lifestyle they desire.

But this group still comprises the minority when it comes to the advent of more temporary workers. The study mentioned above also shows that the majority (57 percent) of those working temporary jobs, also known as gigs in many cases, are age 35 and older, and one-third of that population is actually age 55 and older. Many of these folks are either looking for extra income or, in the case of those that may be harder to employ, trying to get their foot in the door of an organization by going the employers’ preferred “try before you buy” avenue.

The popularity of temporary employees is on the rise, and employers should be ready to handle more workers seeking short-term assignments in their organizations. Putting together a workforce staffing plan for the next decade that includes a good number of temporary workers handling various projects and duties would be a wise move for staffing professionals to consider.