Updated Form I-9 Now Available

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced the new Form I-9 is now available. According to the announcement “Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, with a version date of “(Rev. 10/21/2019)” is available for use beginning January 31, 2020. The prior version of Form I-9 (Rev. 07/17/2017 N) will be obsolete effective April 30, 2020.” Employers that fail to use Form I-9 (Rev. 10/21/2019) after the prior version becomes obsolete may be subject to all applicable penalties for having an incorrect form.

The new form clarifies who can act as an authorized representative when completing an I-9, clarifies acceptable document information, and updates the DHS Privacy notice and USCIS website addresses on the form.

Employers do not need to complete a new form for current employees who already have a complete and correct form on file. If the form is one that needs to be reverified; employers must use the new form for the reverification. Please contact Employers Council with any questions.