The Intimacy of Culture and Strategy

Management consultant Peter Drucker is credited for saying, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” There is a plethora of research regarding why creating and sustaining a healthy organizational culture is better business than merely relying on a sound strategy. Despite how often they are addressed in separate measures, culture and strategy are not mutually exclusive.

A few things to consider in designing for success with culture in mind:

  • What is your purpose? What is your cause? What do you value and believe?
  • Can you help other organizations, communities, or people create value? What does your craft offer to the greater good, and do your employees have the opportunity to co-create this offering?
  • Does the process of developing your strategic plan lend itself to building and sustaining a culture of trust?
  • Is your plan nimble and open to collaboration, creativity, and risk-taking? Will employees feel fearless and safe in questioning how to achieve the goals?

A team may have an expert playbook and first-round draft picks. This alone will not win games. We must consider how people relate to each other, their shared values, and their relationship to the purpose.