Member Profile: Navakai

Navakai was founded in 2001 by Shawn Morland and Davin Neubacher. The two met while working together at a local internet service provider. Shawn was a Sales Engineer and Davin in Business Development. They soon realized the IT industry was falling short in three critical areas: 1) customer service – there was too much focus on the technology and not the person using it, 2) specialized expertise – lots of “jacks of all trades” were out there learning on the customer’s dime, and 3) standardization – IT environments varied as much as the person in charge of them. This created a perfect storm of unnecessary spending, unreliable and unsecure networks, and continued dissatisfaction with both service providers and in-house IT staff.

After a few meetings and some business plan drafts on cocktail napkins, they decided to start a company founded on the simple belief that “We can do better.” Being fans of market disruption, Shawn and Davin built a business model almost exclusively around the client relationship. They knew these relationships would take time to develop and nurture. Eventually, trust would be established and that’s when Navakai could become a strategic partner vs. a break-fix company. Sounds simple enough – but back then, this was a new concept for IT service providers.

The company was founded on those principles and, today, they are still in practice. Their success is based on building a team with smart and amazing people (never forgetting to get out of their way), showering clients with exceptional service, and, most importantly, having fun doing it. How do they know it’s working? Since opening in 2001, Navakai has seen consistent double-digit growth year after year, averages 98% client retention, and won the BBB’s prestigious Excellence in Customer Service Award twice. They’ve been voted Best IT Company in Colorado Springs for the past 3-years, Best Place to Work in 2018, healthiest company in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB since opening their doors.

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