Survey News

Employers Council is currently conducting the following surveys. If you would like to participate in any of the surveys listed and have not received a questionnaire, please contact the Surveys Department at 303.223.5490 or

  • Health, Welfare & Retirement Plans Survey – This survey collects information on health coverage premiums, dental insurance, LTD, STD, life insurance, and more. The deadline for participation is June 3, 2020.
  • Colorado Ski Industry Compensation and Benefits – Projected pay increases, ski school information, employee benefits, and compensation data for jobs specific to ski areas. The deadline for participation is May 22, 2020.
  • Colorado Rural Electric Association – Entry-level hiring rates, SCADA positions, and compensation on over 50 industry-specific positions. The deadline for participation is June 5, 2020.

Why Participate in Compensation or Benefit Surveys?

Surveys are a great resource to make sure your company is offering the right pay and benefits to attract and retain employees. The only catch is that to create this information, we need your data! Having consistent participation is a vital part of assuring the validity of the data. Submission before the stated deadline is appreciated, as it also helps us ensure that the surveys are published according to the schedule.

  • Are you a small employer? A large corporation? A unique industry? A non-profit? Your data is still important! We collect information from all types of companies that can be used by employers of all sizes and all industry types.
  • Do you already participate? THANK YOU! We acknowledge and greatly appreciate the effort it takes to submit a survey.

Considering Participation? 

Helpful Tips:

  • Review the “Job Family” – Every organization is different. We try to group similar jobs and departments. You may not have any matches for certain groups of jobs; you can skip over those jobs or sections.
  • Start Small – Match the positions that you know are good matches and work up to other positions. If you’re short on time, submit what you can. You can always add to the data next year.
  • Save Your Data – The job matches you have made for this survey will already have been matched for next year. If you are new to completing the survey or unable to locate last year’s submission, let us know. We’d be happy to email your organization’s prior year data to you.
  • Benefit Summary Statement – Have your organization’s Benefit Summary Statement available when completing the Health, Welfare & Retirement Plans Survey questionnaire. The majority of questions in the survey can be answered from this document.
  • Call or Email with Questions – Can’t find something?  Stuck? Need clarification? Let us know. We are happy to answer any questions you may have 303.223.5490 or