HR and COVID-19

The Human Resource role for any employer puts them in a position to lead the organization’s response to the recent extraordinary and unprecedented events. COVID-19 hit employers across the nation and world with unexpected speed and far-reaching consequences. With virtually no notice, organizations’ operations required a complete overhaul. Some became overburdened with work, and others saw business dry up completely.

From the beginning of the pandemic, federal and state agencies rushed regulations into place, sometimes making quick changes to perfect them. Gathering information about legal requirements, understanding those requirements, and implementing the necessary guidelines and policies is something HR manages as a matter of course.

HR departments implemented the policies for the COVID-19 legislation, FFCRA, and CARES. These policies helped organizations stabilize and take advantage of the tax and other relief provided by the legislation. At the same time, current, furloughed, and laid-off employees were able to access funds to ease their households’ angst.

Over the next weeks and months, HR will be instrumental in helping organizations chart the course to recovery. HR will need to be prepared to deal with stressed employees, disrupted compensation and benefits plans, and overall organizational change as the new normal is operationalized. In the same way Employers Council was there to provide relevant information, FYIs, surveys, and sample policies during the pandemic, we will be here to help as your organization moves forward. We will continue to offer advice, planning support, sample documents and policies, and additional support.