Leveraging Employers Council to Achieve Mid-Year Goals

Spring is in full swing! With the disruptive events of the past several months, many organizations are taking a step back and assessing their current states. Some, after having to lay off or furlough employees, are having to ramp up hiring to align with their operational needs. Others, after having to restructure how, and from where, their employees work, maybe looking to revise their work from home and remote work policies. During and after a crisis like COVID-19, it can be difficult for organizations to prioritize everything that needs addressing. In addition to getting operations back to a “normal” state, organizations will need to focus on long-term strategic goals and compliance initiatives.


  1. Hiring – According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), the average cost to post an open position is just over $4,000 and takes approximately 40 days to fill. Especially now, organizations do not have the time nor the money to spend on ineffective hiring. Unless you have a dedicated internal recruiter, mass hiring can absorb an immense amount of energy and resources. Employers Council’s Recruiting, Pre-Employment Screening, and Testing & Assessment services can help lighten this load.


  1. Running Lean – While some organizations may be hiring back to pre-virus levels, others may be looking at ways to reduce administrative burdens and increase efficiencies while utilizing fewer employees. Businesses may consider outsourcing some non-revenue generating activities like payroll processing, HRIS platform administration, or garnishment processing to external vendors to maximize their employees’ time. Employers Council’s new Administrative Support offerings may be just what you need to create additional hours in the day.


  1. Compliance – The past several months have forced many organizational leaders into a transactional mindset. Operational challenges in no way negate current or future compliance obligations. Regardless of whether you’re working on I-9s, policy development, or wage and hour compliance, organizations must continue to be mindful of their exposure on all fronts. You may consider utilizing one of Employers Council’s fleet of qualified HR professional consultants to help bolster your ranks and accomplish your goals. The first half of 2020 has dramatically reshaped the business and economic landscapes forcing both individuals and businesses to re-evaluate habits, processes, and perceptions. As our members continue to adapt, please remember that Employers Council is here to help and is only a phone call or email away.