Helping Employees File For Unemployment

Many employers want to assist employees who are furloughed or have been laid off with receiving unemployment assistance. That is not an easy thing to do, given the sheer number of claims that are being filed right now. The state the employee lives in is likely the state they will file in, and while rules vary from state to state, here are some basic tips that should help your employees no matter where they live:

  • Review the website entirely before filing a claim. Make sure it is clear which links take you to the first steps to filing, and make sure you understand all the steps before beginning. If you don’t, talk to someone who has successfully filed for unemployment to see if they can be of assistance. Many states have helpful webinars, watch one before you begin to file so that you are sure you understand the process.
  • Make sure you file on the correct day. Many states are so overrun that they have employees file on a particular day based on their last name.
  • Once you begin to fill in the information, double-check it carefully – if fact, see if someone else can look it over to be sure you have it right. Incorrect or incomplete claims can bog down the process.
  • Make sure that after you have filled in your information about your job loss that you also establish an online account if that is required in your state.
  • Many states require that you update the hours you don’t work every two weeks. Be sure that you are doing this.
  • If you have questions, take a look at the website and see if your state has an online chat function; it can be very helpful in answering questions. Phone lines are often tied up, and you may need to call repeatedly before getting an answer.
  • Don’t be a victim of fraud! Some states are warning of this on their unemployment websites. They explain that they will not call you and ask you for personal information.

Employers may also want to check out the states’ websites that are applicable so they can also provide guidance. While Employers Council staff cannot assist your employees, we can help you with questions you may have with unemployment during this time.