Another Safety Issue When Returning to the Workplace

Did you see the article about the danger of opening offices and schools after having them shut for an extended period? Now employers need also to be careful about Legionnaires Disease and pneumonia from the standing water that has been infused with bacteria.

Here are some tips from a building manager:

  1. Concerning the toilets, our janitors clean and flush the toilets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  2. Our water and sewage facility sent an article regarding opening up our building and standing water in the sinks. There is a simple process of turning on each faucet in each bathroom until the hot water becomes hot out of the faucet and turning on the cold water until the cold water becomes cold.
  3. Additionally, two months ago, we began adding enzymes to the standing water in the drains of each bathroom and the sprinkler room. These enzymes are specifically engineered to kill harmful bacteria and help the good bacteria grow; there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, and we want to lower bad bacteria and increase good bacteria.

There is so much to consider as an employer during this pandemic.  Employers Council hopes you find our attention to this subject helpful.