What Are Your Compensation Plans? Fill Out Our Questionnaire and See How Our Region Stacks Up Against the Nation

WorldatWork’s 47th annual Salary Budget Survey covering nearly 14 million employees from 19 countries indicates that 90 percent of organizations are maintaining salary increase budgets (for now), albeit with lower increases for many.

We wanted to compare our survey results with WorldatWork’s. Employers Council has a planning survey assessing what employers are planning for salaries in the next year. This survey is open right now, so we are still gathering information but the PRELIMINARY data for the salary budget question below as compared to the above survey data.

  • 57% of 247 respondents indicate their 2021 salary budget will be the same as 2020
  • 19% reported their budgets will be lower in 2021 by an average of 13.6%
  • 23% reported their budgets will be higher in 2021 by an average of 4.4%

Your organization should have received an email to participate in the survey and announcing the deadline extension today.  If you need your organization’s online questionnaire link, please contact Surveys at surveys@employerscouncil.org. Another option for participation is to click here and download the PDF questionnaire to complete. Once completed please return to surveys@employerscouncil.org.