Workplace Stress: Who’s Making It Worse?

A pandemic, economic slowdown, and social unrest are all fomenting workplace stress and likely negatively impacting employee productivity. On top of all these forces, another major influence on the employee experience is creating unnecessary stress and extra work: poorly-trained Managers.

According to a new SHRM survey, 84% of employees claim their Managers are responsible for creating unnecessary stress and excess work; 57% of employees believe training could help their managers be more effective. The survey finds many Managers lack these specific skill sets: effective communications; team development; time management/ delegation; team performance management; cultivating a team culture of inclusion and positivity.

Employers Council offers training and learning opportunities for Managers at all levels of experience, from newly-promoted to seasoned professionals. Here’s an overview:

Managers at all phases of their career may benefit from investments in their professional development to enhance their abilities to guide their teams through uncertain times. Employers Council is here to help.

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