Unemployment Benefits to Resume: The Question is How Much and When?

We all heard the news that President Trump signed an Executive Order providing an additional $400 a week to employees across the United States. The order indicated that states would have to pay 25 percent of the benefits, and so far, only three states (Montana, West Virginia and Kentucky) have reportedly indicated that they can afford that. With regard to the 75 percent of the amount that the federal government will pay, a memo from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) explains that the $300 enhanced weekly unemployment benefits will not be available until the end of August. There is hope that this will help bridge the gap between when the unemployment assistance of $600 per week ended at the end of July, and when Congress could pass a stimulus bill in September.

There is no set date that supplemental unemployment benefits will begin in any state. According to the FEMA memo, the U.S. Labor Department estimates an average of three weeks from when the order was signed on August 8, 2020, which implies an average start date of August 29, 2020.

Arizona implemented the assistance program on August 17, 2020, for those in Arizona currently receiving unemployment benefits.

Reporting from the Colorado Sun explains that the new $300 weekly bonus should start paying benefits to Coloradans in mid-September for a three week period. Those who were eligible for unemployment between July 25 and August 15 qualify, so long as they receive $100 or more in regular weekly unemployment pay.

Utah has been approved for three weeks of additional benefits, July 26 – Aug. 15. For details on who is eligible and when the additional benefit will be available, click here.