Surveys: 2020 Health, Welfare & Retirement Plans Survey Now Available

The Employers Council Surveys Department is pleased to announce the publication of the 2020 Health, Welfare & Retirement Plans Survey. The survey includes responses from 435 organizations in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. These respondents represent a cross-section of industries and employment sizes. There are three editions of the 2020 Health, Welfare & Retirement Plans Survey: One report includes Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming organizations displayed by geographic location. Another report includes only Utah respondents’ data displayed by geographic location, employment size, and industry type. The last report is Colorado respondent data displayed by organization employment size and industry type.

Other Highlights:

  • Health Care Cost Per Covered Employee. In Arizona, the average 2019 health care cost per covered employee was $14,022, Colorado was $13,509, Utah $13,699, and Wyoming was the highest at $15,502.
  • Health Coverage Self-Insured/Self-Funded. Seventy-eight percent of Wyoming respondents have a self-insured/self-funded plan, 56% of Colorado respondents, 77% of Arizona, and only 57% of Utah respondents.
  • Encourage Participation in Wellness Programs. The majority of organizations with wellness programs provide incentives to encourage employee participation in company sponsored wellness programs. Eighty-three percent of Arizona respondents provide incentives to participate, 90% of Colorado, and 89% of Utah and 88% of Wyoming respondents provide incentives.

The full results from all editions of the 2020 Health, Welfare & Retirement Plans Survey are located on our member website.

If you have any questions on the survey, please contact Employers Council.