Survey News

We have a lot of survey updates in this issue.

2020 Health Care/Clinic Compensation & Pay Practices Survey

The 2020 Health Care/Clinic Compensation & Pay Practices Survey features two sections for the compensation, one for Hospital and 24 hour operations featuring 253 positions as well as a Clinic section with 35 surveyed positions for a total of 288 positions. In this year’s edition, there were 2 new positions, Simulation Coordinator and Sterile Processing Tech – Lead. The survey also includes hospital executive positions in a separate appendix.

The survey includes wage data submitted by 39 hospitals and clinics located in Colorado and Wyoming. In addition to the metro Denver area, Colorado participation also includes North Central Colorado, SE/SO Central Colorado, and Western Slope/Resort.

Along with salary data, participants also reported percentage increases in pay and pay ranges for 2019 and projections for 2020 and 2021 for the following categories: Nurses, Managers/Supervisors, and All Other Employees.

Included in the survey is the average turnover data for nurses, as well as mid-level positions average salaries. Wage and Supervisory/Management data are displayed by Geographic Location, All Colorado without Government and Clinics and Net Operating Revenue (under $250,000,000 and $250,000,000 or more) when sufficient data are reported.

2020 Construction Industry Compensation Survey

Employers Council has again partnered with the Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) to invite their members along with ours to participate in the 2020 Construction Industry Compensation Survey. This year’s survey had 35 organizations reporting data for a total of 102 benchmark jobs.

Data are displayed by Employment Size. Participants reported exemption status, 2019 bonus/incentive pay for salaried positions. This survey also includes data on benefits offered to exempt versus non-exempt, and company vehicle policy per position.

In the general information section participants were asked if they anticipate a shortage of skilled trade/craft in the following categories in the next 1-3 years.

Survey Data Online

The Construction Survey is available in PDF and spreadsheet formats via the Employers Council website at. For the compensation surveys the PDF document contains the job description for each position surveyed as well as the general information statistics such as pay increases. The PDF documents are linked and bookmarked for ease of navigating the survey. The spreadsheet format contains compensation data and job descriptions for each position. Still prefer to have a hard copy? No problem! Call or email the Surveys Department and we will be happy to drop one in the mail for you.

Notice of Surveys Being Conducted

  • Paid Time Off Policies Survey
  • Non-Profit Foundation Compensation Survey
  • Mental/Behavioral Health Compensation Survey

Coronavirus Resources

As employers across the globe strategize the ever-changing environment presented by the challenges of a world with a “new normal,” it’s important to continue to keep up with the trends affecting the ways of conducting business. Employers Council has conducted and published five surveys to help employers with these often difficult business decisions. You can find this information under the “Coronavirus Resources” page of the website at

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan Survey
  • Employer Strategies and Pulse Survey
  • Employer Strategies for Return to Work
  • Salary Budget Update Survey
  • Remote/Flexible Work Survey