Colorado Employers Hit by Unemployment Fraud: Watch the Mail for Unemployment Division Letters

Do you work for an employer in Colorado who has had a number of fraudulent claims?  You will want to respond to the Colorado Division of Unemployment Claimant Information letter and attend the subsequent hearing. Otherwise, the Division will make a determination based on the information they have. This might mean that the fraudulent claim you received would be granted.

These Claimant Information letters are sent in the U.S. mail and sent back by mail as well. If you do not get your letter from the Division in time to reply as instructed, explaining this to the Division should be grounds for another opportunity to be heard. The Division also has an appeals call line, and members have reported that it is easier to get a person to answer the phone than other phone numbers, although they will only discuss unemployment appeals. Members with many claims are calling this number rather than waiting for the Claimant Information letter.

The new Claimant Information letter is four pages long and asks several questions about the discharge. It appears to be designed to allow the hearing officer to better understand the reason for the discharge. It also allows the employer to check a box near the beginning of the letter indicating that the employer does not wish to contest the unemployment award.

A check for procedural changes due to fraud in Arizona and Utah shows nothing at this time. Both states have clear explanations of their procedures on their websites, and we recommend you look to those websites for answers to any unemployment questions.

If you have any questions about unemployment claims or processes, please call us. We can help.