CDC Changes Guidance on Vaccinations and Quarantines

When people began receiving vaccinations in December, the CDC was quick to explain that, because the vaccines had been developed so quickly, it wasn’t known if those vaccinated could expose others to the disease. Now, the CDC is updating its guidance. It states that those who are fully and properly vaccinated (proper vaccinations occur when those receiving two doses have them within six weeks and it has been two weeks since the second dose) do not have to quarantine if exposed to others who have COVID-19.

In our most recent Employers Council Survey concerning coronavirus, 66 percent of our members, responding to survey questions about vaccination, said that they would encourage the vaccine but not require it. Only three percent said it would be mandatory. It will be interesting to see if this number changes and more employers require the vaccine, now that it can forestall the quarantine of exposed employees.

If you need to write a vaccination policy or, due to the survey results, you would like to change your vaccination policy, look no further than our FYI on vaccines. Also, please let us know if we can help with questions you have about vaccinations.