Survey Results Highlight Recent Trends in Remote Work, Return to Work and Vaccination Policies

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every workplace in the country in some way. Policies have been changed or be reexamined quickly and frequently, leaving many business leaders wondering how a “new normal” should look. Employers Council’s Surveys Department recently conducted the latest survey of our members to find out how their policies and procedures have shifted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

In the Vaccination, Return to Work, & Remote Work Survey, we asked how employers are handling vaccinations, returning to work, and remote workers in light of the pandemic. We also gained insight into their economic outlook for business, along with other post-pandemic concerns. Highlights from the survey’s findings are outlined below.

Vaccination, Return to Work, and Remote Work Survey Highlights

The responses to this survey were widespread and came from organizations of all sizes and industries. A total of 651 responses were submitted from the following geographic areas:

Geographic Survey Participants

What will be your organization’s approach to encourage employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccination?

When asked about encouraging or requiring a coronavirus vaccine, 651 responded and only three percent of employers said they will mandate their employees get vaccinated. The majority of respondents at 66% will encourage employee vaccination.

Vaccine Survey Reponses


Has your organization identified a date when all or most employees will return to in-person work? 

Six hundred and forty-six organizations responded to this question, asking when employers expected employees to return to in-person work. However, only 11% of employers have identified a return to work date. The vast majority of employers are still undecided when their employees will return to work.

Date to Return to Work Survey Results

What are employers’ plans for remote work in a post-pandemic environment?

Organizations were asked about their anticipated approach to remote workers in a post-pandemic scenario. According to the survey results from 486 respondents, only one percent indicated that ALL staff will work remotely on a regular basis after the pandemic. The majority of respondents at 48% indicated some staff will work remotely on a regular basis after the pandemic if their job allows it.

Remote Work Survey Results

Benchmark Data Can Help Shape Your HR Policies

The many findings in this survey report give important insight into the decisions employers are making during these unprecedented times. The results also provide a benchmark to help guide organizational leaders and HR professionals in their own continued policy development, through the pandemic and beyond. The complete results of the survey can be downloaded below, including more information on incentives for employee vaccination, reimbursement for home office equipment, home office stipend, and projected economic outlook. 

The data in this survey report is available by state, and can also be broken down by geographic areas within the state, employment size, and industry type. Any questions regarding this report can be directed to the Surveys Department at or 303.223.5490.

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