Remote Work: Guidance for the New Reality

A year into the pandemic and having to scatter your workforce to the winds, how’s your organization faring? According to a Seyfarth survey of employers, the unplanned and rapid shift to remote working appears to be succeeding. Here are some highlights: 

  • 59% of their workforce is working remotely 
  • 99% of workers report they are moderately to extremely happy working from home 
  • 84% of employers find that employee productivity has stayed the same or improved 

The survey also explores measures employers have taken to meet the needs of employees, such as: 

  • Investments in new technology to support remote work 
  • Increased frequency of communications and interactions with employees 
  • Policy updates and changes to address remote working 

Remote working en masse is likely with us for much of 2021. Perhaps even beyond, when the pandemic abates, employees who have happily embraced this change will likely seek out employers who enthusiastically offer remote work and fully support them in doing so. They may depart employers who do not. 

Like it or not, many employers may need to fully embrace remote work as a new reality for the way work is done going forward. Of course, this is only true for those positions that can be completed without a physical presence in the workplace; however, even those employers likely employ people for job functions that can be achieved via technology from a remote location. Even those employers may need to re-set expectations and consider remote work to attract the best candidates for their vacant positions.  This poses many logistical challenges and will require new processes, creativity, and innovation. Most importantly, it will require leaders, managers, and supervisors to adapt and expand their skillsets to accommodate the necessary changes. 

So, back to the question posed above: how’s your organization faring? 

To assist you with the unique needs of effectively leading remote workers and managing the associated challenges, Employers Council has created a Guide To Managing Remote Workers. Download it for considerations and guidance on a wide array of topics, from compliance to organizational effectiveness. Contact us for help navigating this new reality.