Guidance from the CDC Continues to Assist Employers

For the latest advice and information on COVID-19, vaccines, tests, and how to handle all of this in your workplace, the CDC has comprehensive information. Going to the employers’ section is your best bet. There is specific information about the following occupations:

If you do not have employees in the occupations list above, there is other good information. Guidance for employers includes a summary of recent changes. Because health officials are learning new things about the virus as it continues to infect the populations, updated information is important. Look to the top of the page to see when it was last updated. The most recent update as of the date of this article is March 8, 2021.

If you are thinking of testing in your workplace, there are rules and procedures you must follow after understanding what is involved. There is good information on the CDC site that walks you through the planning, including disclosures and types of tests to consider. It also helps when thinking about who conducts the test.

If you are not in a health care setting and an employee gets sick with the disease, you may want to do contact tracing. This would be useful to know how the disease spread and who else is at risk. If so, the CDC helps you figure out to do this.

In addition to all these topics, the guidance includes virus-related issues, such as violence in the workplace due to issues surrounding the virus and what you need to know about your building if employees are working there. There is a comprehensive toolkit for coming back into the workplace with a helpful checklist.

Employers will need to keep the workplace safe under the new OSHA regulations, and the links in this article should be helpful.