Recent Survey Highlights Practices of Returning to the Office

A recent survey by  Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. surveyed human resource departments about remote work, mandating vaccine, and mask use at work. One hundred percent of those surveyed require employees to wear masks at work. While this will change over time, employers should feel very comfortable with such a mandate in the current environment; herd immunity has not yet been achieved, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) still recommends it for the workplace.

Most employers are not mandating the vaccine, with over half encouraging it and just 33 percent requiring it. Employers generally mandate the vaccine when they have a workplace that is an essential business, and employees must come into work and be in close contact with others. There are legal considerations that we have outlined in other articles, including religious protections and disability accommodations.

Finally, most employers are opening up the office for employees slowly, favoring a hybrid workplace where employees work at the office and at home. Other surveys have indicated that employees are considering leaving their position in rather large numbers. A thoughtful approach, taking employees’ interests into account, would keep an employer in a competitive position for attracting talented employees.

If you have any questions surrounding moving back into the workplace, please contact us.