Summer Hiring for Parks and Recreation Facilities

Many cities, towns, and recreation districts are gearing up for hiring for these outside jobs with the pandemic retreating.  The problem can be where to find the applicants you need.  While unemployment is still higher than before the pandemic, many employers are working harder than ever to fill open positions.  If you are having trouble, have you thought about hiring those with a criminal record?  While this used to be something employers did not do as often, attitudes are changing.

A recent report by the SHRM Foundation called Getting Talent Back to Work found that 85 percent of HR professionals and 81 percent of business leaders believe workers with criminal records perform just as well or better in their jobs compared to workers without criminal records.  In addition, attitudes about hiring those with criminal records are changing significantly. Over 65 percent of HR professionals are willing to work with applicants who have criminal records if they have the best knowledge, skills, and abilities to do the work.  Three years ago, less than half of HR professionals felt this way.

Of course, any city, town, or recreation district must be careful to protect its citizens and patrons.  A careful review of a background check is necessary to make certain that the public is not put at risk.  Still, if an applicant has a conviction that is more than seven years old or one that did not involve violent behavior or any other behavior that would put citizens and patrons at risk, that applicant may be a good candidate.

With potential applicants who have been out of work since the beginning of the pandemic, a summer job may be a gentle way to re-enter the job market.  As a part of the advertisement, this call to action may be attractive to job seekers.  This can be part of an overall branding strategy that more and more organizations in every industry are now turning toward.  A short video with employees in these summer jobs who enjoy outdoor work may also be a good method for attracting qualified applicants. This outdoor work is also safer from a contagion standpoint, and that is another aspect of the work that you may want to highlight.

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