Hiring Woes on the Radar

We are hearing a lot about open jobs with no one to fill them, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has weighed in on the topic. According to its data, this is not a problem created by the pandemic, although that may have made it more pressing. In October of 2019, there were more jobs than there were workers.

The Chamber is launching an initiative to assist employers across the country called America Works, and it includes both legislative and collaborative efforts to create a larger and more skilled workforce that can find jobs easier. After reviewing data and learning that many jobs go unfilled each day, it created this initiative.

There are barely enough employees to cover vacancies in certain industries, and in others, there is a wide gap between the number of vacancies and those applying. Those industries having a difficult time include leisure and hospitality, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, financial activities, private education and health services, government, and public education. The states with the fewest applicants for open positions are Indiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Vermont, and South Dakota. A May 2021 survey of business owners showed that 91 percent believed that the lack of workers was the major factor in slowing the economy.

Employers Council has resources for employers who are contending with this. First, visit our website to review our pay and benefit surveys to ensure that you have competitive pay and benefits that will attract the best applicants. Our website also has white papers (named FYIs) that explain how to set up an employee referral program and describe recruiting strategies.  Talk to our HR consultants about ideas unique to your organization. If this is something you would rather offload, contact our HR Professional Staff to help recruit for you. We want you to leverage your Employers Council membership to provide all the help that you need.