California Teachers and School Staff Required to Show Proof of Vaccination or Get Tested Weekly

On August 11, 2021, the California Department of Public Health issued an Order to encourage K-12 teachers and school staff to get vaccinated to protect students and staff as California starts the school year fully in person.

The Order “requires verification of vaccination status among eligible K-12 school workers, and establishes diagnostic screening testing of unvaccinated workers to minimize the risk that they will transmit while on K-12 school campuses, where a majority of students are not vaccinated, and younger students are not yet eligible for vaccines.”

The Order includes the acceptable modes that may be used to prove vaccination status, and schools must implement a plan to track the vaccination status of their staff. Asymptomatic unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated workers must be tested at least once weekly. Schools may use funds from various sources to address costs associated with vaccination verification and testing.

The Order took effect on August 12, and schools must fully comply by October 15, 2021. Schools should begin verifying the vaccination status of their staff, implement a plan on how to track vaccination status, and plan on weekly testing for unvaccinated teachers and staff. Members with questions on complying with this Order can contact the California Legal Services team at