Survey News – 2021 Health & Welfare Plans Survey

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 2021 Health & Welfare Plans Survey – Arizona, Colorado, Utah & Wyoming

The 2021 Health & Welfare Plans Survey has been published.  There were 26 participants in Arizona, 308 participants located in Colorado, 59 participants in Utah, and 18 from Wyoming. Data for this survey can be accessed online by geographic location, organization employment size, and industry type.

Health Care Costs

Data from the survey shows the average monthly COBRA rate for coverage is:

The average percent of health coverage paid by the employer is:

How popular are High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) in employers health insurance options? According to the survey, organizations offering a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) were reported by 88% of Arizona respondents, 61% of Colorado, 86% of Utah, and 72% Wyoming respondents.  Sixty-nine percent of Arizona respondents, 63% of Colorado, 86% of Utah, and 83% of Wyoming respondents are also offering an HSA and/or HRA as an option to employees.

With the ever increasing cost of health insurance premiums, what cost containment techniques did organizations implement in 2021?

Organizations having a premium increase at last renewal were reported by 54% of Arizona respondents with an average  increase of 9%, 54% of Colorado respondents reported an average increase of 7%, 58% of Utah respondents reported an average increase of 5%, and 61% of Wyoming respondents reported an average increase of 7%.

2021 Colorado Rural Electric Association Survey
The 2021 Colorado Rural Electric Association Compensation Survey is now available. This survey provides wage and salary information from 20 Colorado Rural Electric Associations for 57 positions. Salary data are displayed by employment size. Also included are compensation costs as percent of operating revenue and total revenue, average entry-level hiring rates for inside and outside positions, SCADA rates of pay for office and field personnel, and flexible work schedules.

Notice of Surveys Being Conducted

 Non-Profit Compensation Survey

 2021 Miscellaneous Benefits & Pay Practices Survey

This biennial survey collects data for topics such as Hiring/Employment Practices, Hours of Work, Automobile/Mileage Reimbursement, Tuition Aid, Moving Allowance, and Volunteer/Community Service, among many others.  Also, in this year’s survey there are questions related to vaccinations and masks requirements in the workplace and an enhance section on drug testing during pre-employment and with employees.

This survey is being conducted online. Emails with a link and an access code to participate were sent out early September. For individuals who prefer to complete a paper questionnaire, a hard copy version is available on our website at under “Survey Questionnaires.”

If you would like to receive an email with a link for participation or a word document, please call the Surveys Department.